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(Be mercy upon him)

A great Theologian, a great Writer a great Orator, a great Politician, a great Saint, Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani was a student and Khalifa of Sheikh-ul-Hind. He was born on 7th Muharram l3O4 A.H.(1885 A.D.) in U.P.(INDIA). His father Maulana Fazlur Rahman, belonged to a well-known Usmani family of Deoband. He was Deputy Inspector of Schools and was posted at Bareilly when the great son was born. He received his education at Darul Uloom. of Deoband and got first position and distinction in his final examination in 1908 (1325 A. H.). He was appointed an Ustaz the same year in the same Darul Uloom due to his extraordinary ability. In 1910 the first Convocation of Darul Uloom was held. The Allama delivered a marvelous speech at this occasion and he was made a permanent Ustaz of the Darul Uloom. In 1915, when Hazrat Sheikkul Hind made his journey to Hijaz, the great Allama taught 'Muslim in his place. The speeches and lessons on this famous Book of Tradition showed his marvelous intelligence and ability. Finally these speeches were reproduced in his famous Book AI-Muslim in three volumes. Unfortunately this Book could not be completed due to his most busy life. In 1344 A.H. Sultan bin Abdul Aziz bin Saood summoned a conference of Motamir Aalame Islami. A grand deputation of Jamiatul Ulema went to participate in this conference. He went with this deputation as a prominent member. The Sultan was highly impressed by his eloquent and scholarly speeches and made many reforms in his administration. In 1345 A.H, Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, Anwar Shah Kashmiri and other prominent teachers of Deoband were forced to leave Deoband due to some unavoid- able circumstances. They went to Dabhel in District Gujrat and joined the Jamia Islamia Dabhel as teachers. In 1352 A.H. when Anwar Shah Sahib died he also taught Bukhari. The speeches and lectures on Bukhari were recorded by one of his students, Abdul Waheed Siddiqi of Fatehpur, U.P. India. Insha Allah these lectures shall appear to the readers after some time in English. Prayer is required by the readers. The greatest work of Hazrat Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani is the Tafsir of the Holy Quran. In this Tafsir he has drawn the essence of thirteen or fourteen famous Tafasir. It is written in Urdu. The western world is thirsty for a standard and correct interpretation of the Quran. This Faqir has tried to introduce this valuable treasure of knowledge to the English-speaking world. What is Tafsir ? :-Tafsir as a matter of fact, is the translation of God's Conscience into words of interpretation. God's conscience is hidden in the Quran. Any such commentary that is away from God'S Conscience is not a Real Tafsir. If some element of Nafs is amalgamated in Tafsir it is wrong. It some element of personal whims and fancies is mixed with the Tafsir it is wrong. Tafsir means : "It is what God means." Tafsir is not that which our Nafs means, or our desire says, or our heart believes, or our mind speaks purification is the first condition of Tafsir : Unless our Nafs, our heart, our Mind i.e. our interior (Batin) is purified we cannot understand the Holy Quran correctly. Hence only a Purified Scholar can write a correct Tafsir, otherwise there is all possibility that his own Nafs may be mixed with 'the Tafsir. Hazrat Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani was a great Scholar and was purified by his eminent Sheikh, Maulana Mahmood Hasan, popularly known as Sheikhul Hind and Prisoner of Malta. The two main conditions of Tafsir (a) Purification and (b) Comprehensive Knowledge of all branches of religion were perfectly found in the Great Allama. This is the reason that 1 have tried hard to render it into English so that the world may receive correct guidance and know exactly what God means and what God requires. Today wrong ideas have been introduced in the name of Quran. That is dangerous for the lovers of truth. That is dangerous for the lovers of God, who want to recognize and see Him through the Quran.

Political Services of the Great Allama
In 1944 he joined the Muslim League and worked hard for the achievement of Pakistan. The Muslims were divided in. politics and a large number of them were controlled by the Congress. But for Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, the success of Muslim League was uncertain. It was due to the efforts of Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani that Muslim League became a strong organization and finally succeeded in the achievement of Pakistan. The former North Frontier Province, the old Punjab and Sind were under the influence of the corrupt forces. Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani with the help of 500 Ulema, rooted out the influence of the Congress Muslims in North West India and brought that region in favor of the demand for Pakistan. After the establishment of Pakistan, Quaid-e Azam kept intimate relations with Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani and consulted him in all important matters. By his association Quaid-e-Azam had become more fervent- vent in Islam and always referred to Islam in his speeches and discourses for the solution of national problems. In short, Allama Shabbir Ahmad Usmani was also one of the Builders of Pakistan and a great Reformer of the Muslim Nation. The Qarardad Maqasid was written by Allama and was passed by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. It is the basis of the Constitution of Pakistan. It would be a pity on our part if we forget him and do not introduce him to the people of the world who want to study Islam and know about Pakistan. A Scholar of recognized authority, the great Allama is highly respected in the Islamic World.. It is, however, ,deplorable that he is being neglected in our country. The great Allama died in 1949 and was buried at Karachi. His grave is not far away from the Mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam but unfortunately it is not easily accessible to his devotees coming from various parts of the Islamic World.


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